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Alternative investing platforms have been gaining in popularity for providing access to private investments from commercial real estate to wine which previously were less accessible to average investors. 

While these platforms typically focus on a niche asset class, has rocketed onto the scene with the promise of exposure to multiple asset classes including franchise and short-term rental investing. This platform is not yet open to the public but in this review we’ll cover who should consider signing up and the potential of

What is is a new Miami-based investment platform which will be launching soon, offering private alternative investments with as little as $100. So far, over 40,000 investors have joined the waitlist to get started with the platform. 

This investment firm is starting with short-term rentals as an investment class but will be expanding to multi-family real estate, small business investing, and more. 

How Does Work? allows investors to directly invest in asset classes like real estate, businesses, franchises, and storage units from a central platform. This firm chooses investments based on “principal protection, cash dividends, diversification and price appreciation.” This investment selection process ensures conservative, cash-flowing investments for investors, without any of the heavy lifting. also shares management costs for each offering to ensure transparency around fees. The main focus of this platform is to deliver passive income and returns to investors, without the hassle. 

Pros of 

While hasn’t launched yet, there are a few clear benefits to the model which this platform offers. 

Low Investment Minimum offers investments for just $100 or more. This low minimum makes it easy for new or experienced investors to get access to previously unavailable private investment classes. 

Rather than buying an entire short-term rental yourself or placing a large down payment on a franchise business, you can invest a low minimum and reap the returns and income of these attractive offerings. 

Access to Multiple Asset Classes

Another benefit of this platform is the access it provides to a number of asset classes from a single platform. Instead of having to invest through one app in franchises and another in real estate, you can invest in these classes and more from a single platform. 

With’s investment methodology, you can be confident in their deep research across the classes you choose to invest in. 

Cons of

Short Track Record

Because has yet to launch, there isn’t a track record to speak of yet for their investing prowess. Once the platform opens and more transparency is provided around investment success, we’ll share the numbers on typical returns and passive income investors can expect. 

Who Should Invest in This Platform? 

Investors who are interested in passive investments in real estate should consider this platform. To start, provides access to short-term rentals, which is an attractive investment class for those seeking capital protection and passive income. 

While short-term rental investing can often be challenging from regular repairs you must invest in to unpredictable tenants, provides the chance to invest without these headaches. 

This platform should also be considered by investors who want exposure to small business investing and franchise investing. By allowing investors to invest in a number of asset classes with transparent management costs, this platform makes it easy to get started in alternative investing with just $100. 

Get Started With Alternative Investing


Minimum Investment





American franchise businesses

Investment returns and passive income


Hedge fund investments

Open to non-accredited investors


Multiple investment classes like art

High annual return over 9%