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Farmland Investing

Whether you want to buy farmland directly or passively invest in this asset class, we can help you find the right options to make an educated investing decision.

Why Invest in Farmland?

Farmland offers diversification to your investing portfolio and even higher returns than the S&P 500. You can invest in this asset class by directly buying farmland or passively investing through ETFs or crowdfunding platforms. Farmland can appreciate in value and can be rented or farmed directly.

The Average Return on Farmland

The average return of United States farmland has been 12.24% over the last 20 years, according to AcreTrader.

How to Invest in Farmland

To get started, read the guide below on the top ways to invest in farmland in 2023.

Read Reviews and Articles About Farmland Investing

Below are our latest articles on farmland from reviews of crowdfunding platforms to guides on the best farmland REITs and ETFs.