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Titan Review: Hedge Fund Investing for Everyone

Titan Review: Hedge Fund Investing for Everyone

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For those looking to break into investing or diversify their portfolio, the fast and flashy hedge fund, which offers high risk and high reward, may be a compelling option. Unfortunately, there’s usually a high barrier to entry in hedge fund investing, preventing most people from even realistically considering it as an option. Thankfully, there are new routes that make it more accessible for individual investors, and this Titan review will show you how you can get started.

Although it’s only been around since 2017, Titan is already changing the hedge fund investing game. No longer do you need to have a huge net worth, consistently high annual income, or be subjected to the high fees of hedge fund investing. With Titan, you can break into this asset category with as little as $100. Read on to learn everything you need to know to confidently begin investing with Titan.

What is Titan?

Titan is a private investment platform started by individuals with different finance backgrounds, some of which have included hedge fund investing. They set out to provide a new approach to old-school investing practices, which have historically kept many people from being able to participate through high investment minimums and accreditation requirements.

While not technically a hedge fund itself, Titan is an SEC-registered investment advisor platform. Some portfolios are managed by top-tier investing software, while investment professionals oversee others.

In either case, investors on this platform have their portfolio monitored and guided by another party, helping to determine what moves should be made and when based on shifts in the ever-changing climate of that particular investment.

This kind of expert-managed investment has historically only been an option for accredited individual investors or institutional investors for large sums of money, like pension funds for large corporations or labor unions. With Titan, the barrier to entry is significantly lower. Individual investors in every tax bracket have the opportunity to tap into the exciting and profitable world of hedge fund investing—and all you need to get started is just $100.

How does Titan work?

Using advanced financial analysis software, Titan monitors and tracks filings from larger hedge funds with well-established, long-term holdings. Then, Titan works to mimic these patterns, using the insight gleaned from the big players to provide similar results for their clients. In order to ensure they’re doing due diligence with each investment, they have established minimum criteria each stock must meet, including things like:

  • High capital returns
  • History of excellent management
  • Strong potential for growth
  • Significant generation of cash for investors

Each investor has a portfolio with around 20 stocks in it, and the exact holdings change quarterly to ensure that number includes the best stocks available at any given moment. These investments are hedge funds because they’re shorting 0 to 20% of the market to minimize your drawdowns should the market drop—the exact percentage is determined by your declared risk tolerance.

You can track your investments through the Titan mobile app, while delegating active management of your stocks to the experts.

Get started with alternative investing


Minimum Investment





American franchise businesses

Investment returns and passive income


Hedge fund investments

Open to non-accredited investors


Multiple investment classes like art

High annual return over 9%

Pros and cons of investing with Titan

As with any platform, there are highlights and drawbacks to Titan, and each investor must weigh them individually to determine whether or not this is a platform for them to consider. In order to give an unbiased Titan review, we’ll highlight the top pros and cons of this investment tool so that you can decide how well it would work for you. Here are the key considerations to consider in your own Titan review:

  • Accessibility: Since Titan is open to non-accredited investors, the historically exclusive hedge fund investment class is now open to a much broader group of investors. Beyond just opening their doors to non-accredited investors, Titan also offers incredibly low minimum investment requirements. Investors can get started on Titan with just $100.
  • Diverse investment types: Not only is Titan changing the culture of hedge fund investing, they’re also incorporating the hottest new trends in the financial world. With Titan, you can choose traditional investments like stocks and real estate, as well as newer sectors like cryptocurrency. If you’re looking for an affordable way to break into that space, Titan might be a great option for you.
  • Protection from risk: Titan hedges investments through short-selling, which can protect you from sudden market shifts. When you invest with Titan, you establish your risk tolerance, and investments are managed in order to best protect you—while also bringing in the best profit possible.
  • Higher fees than some platforms: While one of the benefits of Titan is that they’re an actively managed investment platform, a drawback is that they also have higher fees than some competitor robo-advisor platforms. They charge a monthly $5 fee on accounts with assets under $10,000 and 1% annually on accounts exceeding $10,000 in assets. While this is higher than some, the low minimum investment still makes it attractive for many investors.
  • Relatively limited track record: Titan is overall a pretty new platform, but beyond that, a number of their portfolios—like the Titan Crypto fund—are even newer. This means that Titan is working to adapt to the current needs of today’s investors, but it also means you don’t have a proven record of success on these investments. That goes for any cutting-edge investment opportunity, but it may give some more conservative investors pause.

Overall, over 25,000 clients have found that the platform meets their investment needs. At the same time, there are many other options in this investment space that offer lower minimums and other desirable features, so be sure you’re surveying your options thoroughly before diving in.

Is Titan right for you?

Titan has attracted a lot of attention, providing something like hedge fund investment options to a broader audience and making high-reward investment more attainable and safer for investors in any risk tolerance category. Their low minimums, short-selling options, active investment management, and crypto investment options also make them stand out for many investors. However, depending on your specific circumstances, this may not be the right platform for you.

One of the reasons Titan has made such a splash in the investment world is their impressive return claims—their new Titan Crypto fund, for example, claimed an impressive 300% in annualized returns not long after it launched. While that rate is quite a bit lower today, for many investors that’s still a great return rate. What it does illustrate, however, is that numbers can change quickly and dramatically.

Consider your financial needs, investing goals, and the full range of platforms available to you before getting started with any investment tool. If you are looking for a long-standing track record, low annual fees, or a short investment time horizon, Titan may not be the one you’re looking for. But if you’re interested in investing with a platform that takes careful control of your investments, tailors management strategy to your risk tolerance level, and offers cutting-edge portfolio options to get you involved in the hottest new investment opportunities, you may find you’re quite happy with Titan.

Because the market is constantly changing and no platform can guarantee success with their platform, the best thing you can do as an investor is to know your priorities and needs, then choose the platform that aligns as closely as possible. If you’re eager to get started after reading this Titan review, visit their website to learn how to get started.