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Whiskeyvest Review 2023: Whiskey Investing

Whiskeyvest Review

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Like wine, whiskey can be a lucrative investment due to its popularity and appreciation potential. Traditionally, investors would need to store their own bottles or casks in the perfect conditions to guarantee their long-term preservation.

With the advent of alternative investing platforms, whiskey investing has been simplified, ensuring that investors from all backgrounds can invest like the top 1% in wine and whiskey without the need for storage space or large amounts of capital.

In this review, we’ll walk through the features, fees, pros, and cons of the premier whiskey investing platform: Whiskeyvest.

What is Whiskeyvest?

Whiskeyvest is a new offering by Vinovest, a wine investing platform, to extend the simplicity of crowdfunding to whiskey. This platform allows investors to invest as little as $1,500 in Scottish whiskey casks from premier brands like The Macallan and Benriach.

This platform makes it easy to get started with investing in whiskey in the best brands and casks available, all with access to an expert team to help you with the sales process. Through Whiskeyvest you’ll purchase a whiskey cask from their available options, they’ll store these casks on your behalf, and will help you sell your cask for the best price.

Who is Whiskeyvest For?

Whiskeyvest is a good fit for investors looking for diversification away from traditional investment assets into a new asset class: whiskey. According to vinovest, the average annual return on whiskey is about 10% for private investors.

Investors who like Vinovest’s business model of passively investing in wine will appreciate Whiskeyvest for its convenience as you won’t need to store your whiskey casks directly or learn about which brands to buy from yourself. Whiskeyvest provides the recommendations and connections for whiskey investing.

This platform is also ideal for investors who don’t want to invest a lot of their own capital into whiskey investing. Storage and transportation costs can be high for this type of investing if you’re getting started and this platform requires just $1,500 to begin investing.

Pros of Whiskeyvest

Expert Selection

Whiskeyvest’s expert team will select casks and brands with the highest return potential, making it easy for you to make money with this investment.

Low Minimum Costs

Whiskeyvest only costs $1,500 or more to get started which is far less than whiskey investors typically pay to get started in this space.

No Commissions or Annual Fees

Whiskeyvest doesn’t charge a commission when you finally sell your cask and also doesn’t charge an annual fee.

Cons of Whiskeyvest

New Product

Whiskeyvest is a new investment platform so there’s little track record which investors can rely on. Vinovest which launched Whiskeyvest has been active for years with a good track record of success so we expect Whiskeyvest to be a reliable product investors can depend on.

Long-Term Investment

Casks bought through Whiskeyvest are held in storage for 2 to 3 years before they are sold. You’ll have to follow the platform’s process for investing which might be longer term than some investors would like.

Is Whiskey a Good Investment?

Yes, whiskey is a good investment for alternative investors looking for an asset class to diversify their portfolio. The average annual return for whiskey ranges from 10 to 18%. With Whiskeyvest, you can get started investing in wine with ease.

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